Sadly I had to leave Gaza before this week’s events leading up to the international day of action in support of the Boycott of Israeli agricultural goods but I thought that everyone would be interested to see what’s going on in Gaza this week to highlight the call for Boycott. Please join the Boycott campaign, it’s the biggest and hopefully the best way to be effective in showing your support for the Palestinian people in their struggle to live normal lives under an extremely brutal and oppressive occupation.


The impact of Israeli Occupation and Blockade on Gazan fishermen and farmers

Palestinian farmers and fishermen have been among the most frequent victims of Israeli violence during the last 45 years of military occupation. Here we present some basic facts and figures to illustrate this:

Following the recent November Israeli onslaught on Gaza that killed over 170 Palestinians and injured 1400 more, the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza estimated that the agricultural sector incurred losses totalling US$21 million.


Since the ceasefire agreement on 22nd of November, 4 people have been killed and at least 85 injured, most of whom were farmers who work the land near the Israeli separation fence, shot by Israeli snipers.

Around 35% of Gaza’s most arable farmland is located in the buffer zone, where due to the danger that entails working on in, much of it has become a wasteland.

Source: PARC/CA paper, p 11

Also in the 10 days after the ceasefire at least 29 fishermen had been arrested and 9 fishing boats impounded as the naval blockade continues to destroy Gaza´s fishing industry and livelihoods.

A UN OCHA report has estimated that due to the blockade the lost agricultural output in the buffer zone totals 75,000 tons per year, representing lost income of more than US$50 million.

Source: p.23


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